Dear Friends,
My last two years have been a turning point in my life, therefore I decided to leave my hometown and move to a country place where I could eventually regain my bearings and…
Yes, start developing new ideas.
One project I have already started working on, shall see the light next autumn: it is not a coincidence that this is my favourite season. It is also philosopher Søren Kierkegaard’s one. He preferred autumn to spring because “in autumn one looks at the heaven, in spring at the earth.”
I cannot help but exuding myself into the sky before coming back to watch this land again.

I have also planned to realize a series of smart, thin publications in ‘zine’ paper format to give temporarily shape to published and unpublished pictures from (still) ongoing works or absolutely new ones, also. Other international photographers will be involved: this strong chemistry will be adding freshness, vitality and shine.
All the best.

Lorenzo, Summer 2016

Many thanks to my friend and brother in camera Davide Filippini who interpreted in good English my feelings.

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